Decatur Childrens Dentistry: Early Oral Health Education and Flossing

Childrens Dentistry DecaturMost of us moan and groan about flossing. Some even might say, “Isn’t brushing enough?” Fact—flossing is very important for the health of your teeth and gums. Fact two—brushing removes most of plaque bacteria and food debris, not all of it. While most adults understand the consequences of not flossing, it’s different for children. To your child, everything is new, which is why an early oral health education will be beneficial for him/her.

Start a Floss Routine Early On

Teach your child to floss early on. It doesn’t matter if your child still has his/her primary teeth—floss can help prevent tooth decay. Why does it matter if a primary tooth gets decay? Most think it’s not a big deal because children will lose the primary teeth, so their oral health and permanent teeth aren’t affected. Yes, a permanent tooth erupts once the primary tooth is gone, but your child’s primary teeth determine how the permanent teeth will erupt. If a primary tooth had decay, the damage caused by the infection can also affect the permanent tooth developing underneath it.
Once you notice your child’s primary teeth are coming together, begin to teach them how to use floss. Teeth start to develop and shift between the ages of two and six. That’s around the same time that children are learning to balance and develop their physical dexterity, so properly handling and using floss might be a problem. Just like you support your child as they take his/her first step, you need to monitor his/her first few years of oral hygiene practices. Give your child visual examples and guide them—children tend to mimic a parent’s actions.
You don’t want your child to think flossing is a chore—it should be part of their routine. In Decatur, childrens dentistry services are best provided by Drs. Chad and Natalie Corley at Corley Family Dental. At. Corley Family Dental, parents can receive great oral health information for their kid(s).