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Do I Need Orthodontic Treatment?

How orthodontic treatment from your Decatur dentist can help you.

Orthodontic treatment is a great option if you want a straight smile, teeth that are easy to clean and increased self-confidence. For some bracespeople, orthodontics may be optional, done for cosmetic reasons. For others, orthodontics may be necessary to create better chewing and biting function and to realign your jaws. Your dentists at Corley Family Dental in Decatur, IL, want to help you determine if you need orthodontic treatment.

You may want braces if you have cosmetic dental problems like these:

  • Crowded or overlapped teeth
  • Twisted or rotated teeth
  • Widely spaced or gapped teeth
  • Missing teeth

You may need orthodontic treatment if you have functional problems like these:

  • Overbite: your upper jaw extends too far over your lower jaw
  • Underbite: your lower jaw extends out in front of your upper jaw
  • Open bite: your bite does not close completely
  • Crossbite: your jaws cross each other when you bite
  • Overjet: your upper front teeth protrude outward when you bite

Orthodontic treatment in Decatur, IL, is helpful for both children and adults however, children ages 7 to 14 are the best candidates for braces because their facial structures are still growing.

If you do need or want orthodontic treatment, your dentists in Decatur offer a full range of orthodontic options to choose from:

  • Conventional metal brackets and wires, which are ultra-thin and strong.
  • Ceramic or plastic brackets and tooth-colored wires, which are more discreet.
  • Lingual brackets and wires, which are cemented to the tongue sides of teeth.

Orthodontic treatment is more comfortable than ever before and you can see results in a much shorter period of time. The bulky, ugly metal brackets and wires from the past have been replaced with discreet, beautiful braces guaranteed to make you smile.

You may or may not need orthodontic treatment, but your dentists in Decatur, IL, are ready to help you decide. Don’t settle for a less-than-beautiful smile. You can regain your self-esteem with modern, state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment. Don’t wait when it comes to your smile. Call your dentists at Corley Family Dental in Decatur, IL. Find out how orthodontic treatment can help your smile and your life by calling today!