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How Dental Crowns Help Your Smile

These restorations promise hope to those with weak or damaged teeth.

If you’re dealing with chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth then we know that you’re ready for a change. You want to not only improve your smile’s appearance but also protect your damaged teeth from further problems. Fortunately, dental crowns are one of the most versatile restorations our Decatur, IL, family dentistry team of Drs. Chad and Natalie Corley have to offer.

Restores Function

When a tooth is severely cracked or damaged, it becomes weak and fragile. This means that even sitting down to certain meals can make the tooth even more susceptible to damage; however, a dental crown goes completely over the natural tooth to fully restore function into the tooth, making it significantly easier to chew and speak. Plus, the crown provides superior protection against further damage and decay, creating a shield around your tooth.

Improved Smile Esthetics

The dental crowns we offer at our Decatur, IL, family dentistry practice are made from porcelain or composite resin, so they are designed to look just like natural teeth. They even offer the same translucency that you expect from real teeth. Therefore, you can finally get the restored and perfect smile you once had without anyone knowing you’ve had work done. Only you will know that you have a dental crown.

Furthermore, dental crowns made from porcelain are stain-resistant, so you can enjoy all your favorite foods and beverages without having to worry that they will stain your new crown.

A Big Confidence Boost

If you’re not happy with your smile, you may also find that your self-esteem has taken a nosedive. After all, smiling offers a host of emotional, mental, and physical health benefits that you miss out on if you are suffering from damaged or missing teeth.

However, once you get your dental crown you can finally enjoy all the advantages that smiling has to offer. You will find that having a full, beautiful smile will be the ultimate boost to your self-esteem.

If you are dealing with cracked or damaged teeth that require immediate attention, call our family dentistry practice here in Decatur, IL, at (217) 330-6217. The team at Corley Family Dental is here to give you a healthy smile again.