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When Does My Child Need Braces?

For some, it could be difficult to determine whether or not their child needs orthodontic treatment. Different kids will need different orthodontic treatments for varying reasons. That being said, the best way to know if your child can benefit from orthodontics is to consult with Dr. Chad Corley or Dr. Natalie Corley here at Corley Family Dental in Decatur IL. Meanwhile, here are the reasons why your child might need braces.

Why Your Child Might Need Orthodontics in Decatur

Children may require braces or some kind of orthodontic treatment for various reasons. These include overcrowded teeth, overlapped teeth, misaligned teeth, or a malocclusion. A malocclusion, commonly known as a bad bite, is when the bottom and top jaws don’t fit together properly.

When the bottom jaw is larger, it results in an underbite and when the top jaw is larger, it results in an overbite. In some cases, jaw and teeth issues could result from accidents, losing baby teeth too soon, or habits such as thumb sucking. However, they are usually inherited, which means that if you have a history of orthodontic treatment in your family, your child may as well.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children must ideally visit their Decatur orthodontist at approximately seven years old or around the time their permanent teeth begin erupting. The reasoning for this is that problems like overcrowding and malocclusions are typically apparent during this age.

What to Expect During Your Child’s First Orthodontic Appointment

The primary goal of your child’s first appointment is to determine whether he or she requires orthodontics. Your dentist in Decatur IL will thoroughly assess your child’s jaw, teeth, and mouth as well as ask questions about any issues with swallowing or chewing, or jaw popping and clicking.

Your child might need X-rays so that your dentist can determine the positioning of the teeth and jaws. An impression of your kid’s teeth will likewise be made. This will help your dentist better determine which kind of orthodontic treatment is best for your child.

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