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Your Child's First Loose Tooth

Losing their first tooth is among the most significant rites of passage for kids. This is completely normal, but if you have concerns, don’t hesitate to consult with your children’s dentistry professional in Decatur, IL, Dr. Natalie Corley, or Dr. Chad Corley here at Corley Family Dental.

Amid all the thrill and buzz around growing up, as a parent, here’s what you should keep in mind when it comes to your child losing teeth.

When Does The First Baby Tooth Fall Out?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids begin losing their first baby teeth at about six or seven years old. However, because all children are different, your little one might be older or younger when this happens. Just continue bringing your child to the dentist to detect any infection signs or other issues that could hinder milk teeth from falling out on schedule.

Baby teeth don’t typically loosen until the adult or permanent teeth under them has begun to push the baby teeth out of their socket. Take note though, that when baby teeth start to loosen, it could take up to several weeks to completely fall out. Just leave the tooth alone unless you see any indications of infection such as swelling or redness around the tooth’s gums.

If your child’s baby tooth becomes loose due to an injury, it’s best to visit your children’s dentistry professional in Decatur, IL, to check the baby tooth’s stability and the condition of the adult tooth underneath, if applicable.

Should You Pull Out Your Child’s Loose Tooth?

The best thing you can do with a loose baby tooth is to not do anything about it and just let it fall out naturally on its own. Just make sure to tell your child what to expect, especially when it falls out. Tell him or her that there might be some bleeding and tingling, but that these will pass quickly.

Have your child rinse her or his mouth with water after the loose tooth falls out, and place some gauze in the gap to stop the bleeding. Give your child an OTC pain medication if there’s pain. In the unlikely case that the bleeding and pain persists for more than an hour, call your dentist for advice.

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