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Your Orthodontic Options

At Corley Family Dental, Drs. Chad and Natalie Corley provide their Decatur, IL, patients with orthodontic treatment. Braces fix several issues: poorly aligned jaws, an over or underbite, and crooked, crowded and missing teeth.

Teeth become crooked for many reasons, including thumb-sucking, trauma, or genetics. Children between ages 7 and 14 are the best candidates for braces because of their developing facial structures.

Different Types of Orthodontics

Orthodontics corrects jaw and teeth alignment through several different methods:

  • Metal/Traditional braces: Your Decatur, IL, dentist provides patients with old-fashioned braces that use metal strips or bands. Our modern brackets are less noticeable than older versions, so there’s no need to be self-conscious. The advantage of metal braces is that they are less expensive. The bands also come in various colors, making them fun for children.

  • Ceramic Braces: Ceramic differs from traditional braces when it comes to the brackets. These are tooth-colored, making them less noticeable. Their transparency is advantageous, especially for older patients. These will move the teeth to their proper position faster than other orthodontic options.

  • Lingual Braces: These are brackets attached to the back teeth, making them practically unnoticeable. 

Orthodontic Procedures

Your dentist first makes a plaster cast of your teeth and takes x-rays. Afterward, orthodontic appliances are placed and adjusted to ensure that the teeth move to the correct spots. When the treatment is over, retainers keep the teeth in the proper location.

Cosmetic and Comfort Issues

Braces are lightweight and are worn for about two years. Adult patients may need to wear braces for longer periods. Expect some mild discomfort after each adjustment. More pressure is applied to the teeth to move them to the right position.

Drs. Chad and Natalie Corley of Decatur, IL, provide patients of all ages with orthodontic care. If you'd like to learn more about what Corley Family Dental can offer, call 217-330-6217 today!