Your Orthodontic Questions Answered

Q&A: Your Orthodontic Questions Answered 

If your dentist tells you that your child needs braces, you are stepping into new territory. Below we answer some common questions that most parents want to know! Orthodontics

Did you ever have malocclusion issues? More precisely, have you received orthodontic treatment as a child or teenager?

Some parents may say yes, but others didn’t need or chose not to get braces.

Why should my child get braces?

If misalignment and/or irregular bite isn’t corrected, your child’s oral health may start to decline because he/she won’t be able to properly remove food particles and bacteria hidden behind and between crowded, crooked or spaced teeth.

What is interceptive orthodontics in Decatur?

Interceptive orthodontics is early interception of malocclusion. Interceptive orthodontic treatment is best started between the ages of seven and eight. Once your child turns 13, it’s common for the jawbone to be fully developed, which means it may take longer to correct misalignment, protruding teeth and a bad bite.

What kind of braces will my child need to get?

Each patient receives customized dental care. This means that our Decatur general and childrens dentistry practice looks at each case to identify the best course of action. Some orthodontic devices we offer include:
  • Space maintainers
  • Traditional, metal braces
  • Lingual braces (back of the teeth)
  • Retainer
  • Plastic brackets
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