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By Corley Family Dental
November 16, 2015
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Follow these tips for keeping your whole family’s smiles safe from decay this holiday season.

The holidays can be a wonderfully festive time to spend with the whole family. Of course, the smorgasbord of delicious foods and treats doesn’t hurt either. But it can hurt your smile if you aren’t careful. To make sure that everyone in the family gets a thumbs-up from their Decatur family dentists Drs. Chad and Natalie Corley during their next checkup, follow these simple rules for keeping smiles healthy during these sugar-heavy festivities.

Limit your sugar habit

While we certainly don’t want to deprive you from sugar altogether, munching on candy canes, cookies and pies can cause some serious damage to your smile. Instead of nibbling on sugar all day long limit the whole family to one dessert each day and then make sure everyone brushes their teeth immediately after. By limiting your smile’s exposure to sugar you are preventing nasty cavities from forming.

Stick to your routine

When the holidays come around they tend to change our schedules quite a bit. We may find that we are rushing from one event or errand to another and it can be easy to forget about sticking to your daily habits. But it’s important that you still make time to brush your teeth at least twice a day and make sure that everyone in the family spends time cleaning and flossing their teeth.

Maintain those dental appointments

We know the holidays are hectic but this doesn’t mean that you should skip out on your dental exam. In fact, now is the best time for your Decatur dentists to make sure that your smile is free of decay. Consider your holiday gift to be the celebration of a healthy smile.

If it’s time for you or a family member to come in for their six-month checkup soon don’t wait until after the holidays. Get a bright, healthy smile to celebrate the rest of the season. Call your Decatur, IL dentists at Corley Family Dental today.

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