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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says nearly half of all American adults have periodontal disease to one degree other. At Corley heart-diseaseFamily Dental in Decatur, Drs. Chad and Natalie Corley and their team include gum disease management in their list of general dentistry services. You can have better gingival health and overall well-being when you know the signs of periodontitis and what to do about them.

What is periodontal disease?

Although aggressive in nature, periodontal, or gum disease, sometimes has no obvious symptoms in its earliest stages. Yet, oral bacteria do their destructive work under the gum line, infecting the tissue and eventually causing worrisome signs such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Redness
  • A long-in-the-tooth appearance
  • Deep gum pockets (deeper than three millimeters is diagnostic for periodontitis)
  • Pus at the gum line
  • Halitosis (persistent bad breath)

If undetected and untreated, gums recede, the underlying bone deteriorates, teeth loosen, and eventually, must be extracted. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in the United States, reports the CDC, and your general dentists in Decatur wish to change that statistic.

Additionally, research links periodontal disease to general health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, dementia, arthritis and more. So, what happens in your mouth does not end there. The overall health impact of periodontal disease is too serious to ignore.

What can be done about gum disease

Prevent, prevent, prevent. Drs. Chad and Natalie Corley and their professional staff stress the importance of daily flossing and twice a day brushing to remove bacteria-laden plaque and avoid tartar build-up. Six-month check-ups and hygienic cleanings reduce these biofilms, too, and the problems they cause. Drinking plenty of water for good hydration and consuming a high fiber diet fosters healthy gum tissue. Avoid all tobacco usage as well.

At Corley Family Dental, your hyginest measures and charts the condition of your gums--specifically those spaces between gum tissue and tooth surfaces. If you do have a problem, she performs deep cleaning and root planing as needed, removing tartar and plaque and smoothing the surfaces of exposed roots. Antibiotics may be used to ward off or heal infection so gums reattach and heal.

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When you come to Corley Family Dental, ask your dentist about your risk for developing gum disease. Remember, it's what you don't know that can hurt you most. Call us to book your routine cleaning and examination, won't you? Phone (217) 330-6217.

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